General Glossary

Lateday – afternoon

Interval – month (see the World Calendar)

Ghoulad – Horrific monsters with sharp, needlelike teeth, large claws, red eyes, and white pasty skin. Ghoulad are not sentient and can only carry out the will of the Condemned who control them. Their only purpose is to destroy their intended target. They can be consumed by fire and crushed to death, but the simplest means of destroying them is to chop of their heads. Their skin and bones are soft and not difficult to cut through. However, they move quickly and attack in large hordes, so defeating the ghoulad usually requires an army of trained soldiers.

The Condemned – Mysterious beings that control the ghoulad. Humanity has been locked in a struggle with the Condemned since the dawn of history, yet no one has ever discovered who the Condemned are or why they unceasingly wage war against humans with their ghoulad hordes.

Silacia – The Silacian Empire is Coar’s great neighbor to the north. It rests along the Great Sea and is one of the World’s nine great empires. Centuries again, explorers from Silacia traveling south along the Great River encountered the then very young Coarian Sovereignty. Silacia shared with this new nation resources and technology. Since that time, the Silacian Empire has been Coar’s chief ally and trading partner.

The Brunin Dominion – A defunct nation located between Coar and Silacia. The Dominion had been a strong ally of both until, in a massive surprise campaign, the ghoulad overwhelmed and destroyed it. This happened so quickly that it was all over by the time Coar and Silacia had amassed forces to come to the Dominion’s aid. Now the area has been given up as a domain of the ghoulad.

Temple Academy – Temple Academies are the secondary educational institutions of Coar. They are costly and so only attended by children of affluent Coarians. The main purpose of a Temple Academy education is to prepare students for the Endorsed Exams, which any Coarian must pass to become Endorsed.

Lyceum – The most prestigious institute of higher education in Coar. Alumna of the Lyceum typically occupy the highest levels of the government and Coarian Communion or run the most successful businesses.